Instructions on mining of DP classic by example of

  • At first you should sign up at and confirm your registration by following the link sent to your email.


  • Then you should replenish your account. The account should be replenished with two currencies.


  • Once you’ve paid the amount you should select the hardware for rent. To do this, open “My RENTALS” section.


  • Select algorithm x11 in the right column.


  • Options with capacities, prices, and rent period will be shown in the appeared window. Select the desired settings or the settings matching your current balance and press “Rent Now!” button.


  • Then you’ll see a table of hardware owner. Enter your rent period into field 1. The field 2 will should the required amount of money. Then you should press “Rent Now!” button. If your current balance is insufficient, then you’ll see a window for replenishment of your balance. f you have enough amount on your account you’ll be redirected to the following page.


  • On the following page, you can add a pool by pressing “Add a pool” button.


  • You should enter parameters of your pool for DIGITALPRICE classic in the appeared window. You can find the necessary information here:
    In Host field:
    In Username field: the number of your digitalprice classic wallet
    In Password field: anything


  • Once you’ve entered the required information, press “Save” button to add your pool to the system.


  • Pay and enable the pool in the left column by pressing “INSTANT PAY NOW” button.


  • The you can supervise your information and all processes on “My RENTALS” tab.


  • On “My RENTALS” tab you can review the information on capacity, remaining rental time, amounts paid, etc.



Download: Instructions on mining of DIGITALPRICE classic (size 1.63mb)

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