Instruction of DP classic trade at Bleutrade stock exchange



  • You can sign up at Bleutrade at the following Fill the fields and press “Create My Account Now” button.


  • On “My Balances” tab you should replenish the balance of your account.


  • Select the currency of deposit in the lower part of the site. In our case, this is DP classic or Bitcoin.


  • You’ll be offered to transfer DP classic coins or Bitcoin to your account. After the transfer, the money will be charged at your Bleutrade account.


  • Once your balance is replenished, you can start the trade and select the desired pair from the list.


  • On the trade page, you can perform “Purchase”(1) or “Sale”(2) transactions and choose the amount of currencies.


  • You can see your deals in “My Orders” section.


  • In “My Transaction” section, you can see all transactions with your account.


  • To withdraw money from the account select “Withdraw” item from the list of currencies.


  • Thereupon you’ll be redirected to the page where you should enter the withdrawal amount “Value” (1), “Wallet address” currency wallet (2), and confirm the transaction by pressing “OK, Confirm Withdrawal!” (3).

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