Investing in cryptocurrency, trading and mining DPC

After investing in cryptocurrency in recent months, thanks to the development of the project, the DPC currency increased several times and continues to grow.

We plan to join us more exchanges for successful trading, to create a useful tools for DPC, coin trading and also help for cryptocurrency mining to extract DigitalPrice Classic blockchain technology, and support its for invest and development in other different projects.


We are a working team that wants to make create projects with the DigitalPrice Classic cryptocurrency


The development since in 2014, with improves of the algorithm X11


A simple algorithm X11 for use of blockchain technology


The increase in the price of a coin on exchanges is 9 times for 2 months


Use of DPC coins in the social network project for internal transactions

Cryprocurrency X11 mining DigitalPrice Classic

For to configure the mining DPC — use superpool, mining pools and requirements. Also you can rent cloud mining services as well as the necessary settings can be found on the forum or in our website. More information about this you can find in the for mining page.



TOTAL COINS (millions)


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Our team

We are active and dynamically developing people and we are ready to develop our cryptocurrency for many years to come